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A Phone Conversation with John Moreland

John Moreland from Tulsa, Oklahoma is one of the best contemporary songwriters in America. For me it all started with “Nobody Gives A Damn About Songs Anymore,” his single from 2013’s In The Throes. Being a sucker for a song about songs and writing in general, it speaks to me about a truth regarding the state of music. Exploring the often callous nature of listeners and taste-makers towards new music and folk songs.

John Moreland has always self produced his albums and played most of the instruments on In The Throes and High On Tulsa Heat himself. His 2017 release Big Bad Luv, does not disappoint. While the new release has a much larger, more energetic sound than his earlier records, his honest poetic lyricism stays strong. Full of symbolism and an epic sense of self reflection, Big Bad Luv is a great addition to his repertoire of bad ass songs.

Moreland returns to Richmond on January 14th (Sunday) to a Sold Out show at The Camel. I was honored to have the chance to talk with John a bit before the show, and I’m also really excited to be opening.


Check out our phone conversation below:



Photos courtesy of All Eyes Media & John Moreland