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2017: A Year of Highs and Lows for Dharma Bombs

2017 was a year full of milestones and surprises, hardship and hard fought victories for Richmond Appalachian Dixieland group Dharma Bombs.

As the quintet winds down on live performances to write and record new material over the next few months, I sat down with vocalist and bandleader Trey Hall to discuss their debut album, Old Time Romance, playing the Carter Family Fold and hosting the First Thursday’s residency at The CamelAnd beyond their accomplishments, we also tackle challenges the group has faced this year both personally and collectively and how that shaped their new material and taking a break from live shows.

To learn more about their wild experience at Floyd Fest, the current state of Hall’s vocal health and what a year of scares, line-up changes, lifestyle rearrangements and general transitions have done to his overall outlook on life, listen to our interview below.


Check out photos by Ashley Travis of Dharma Bombs last First Thursday’s residency show with Night Idea and Big Mama Shakes below:


Night Idea 

Big Mama Shakes

Dharma Bombs