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Castle of Genre Premieres No Trick/Chanel EP

Today, Dust Up is excited to premiere ‘No Trick/Chanel’, a short and sweet two track EP from Richmond’s very own Castle of Genre. This satisfying slice of indie-pop marks the band’s first release in over a year (Their last EP Trance dropped August 2016).

Not gonna lie – I’ve been a fan of CoG for a hot minute, and their sound seems to be heading in a more ambitious direction with every release.

On “No Trick”, the band opens with a dreamy mid-tempo chord progression, giving riffs and melodies plenty of foundation to shine throughout the song. Ali Mislowsky (of Big Baby)’s rich guest vocals are a delightful treat, especially when combined with the no-hidden-pretense nature of the lyrics. By the time the song’s sonorous ending hits, all the makings of a fun bedroom pop jam have taken full shape. Any fan of Turnover, or CoG’s earlier work, will find a lot to love here.

I’ll admit, I was NOT prepared for what awaits in “Chanel”, an upbeat synthpop ditty with some slick vocoder lines. While Chanel is technically a breakup song, it’s easily the most danceable breakup song I’ve heard in a minute, and that’s a feat as someone who purposefully avoids breakup songs because, quite frankly, who needs another one of those? (Advice to bands – if you absolutely have to write a breakup song, 1. Don’t be a whiny misogynistic asshole and 2. Bring something, ANYTHING new to the table. Castle of Genre did it. I promise you can too).

The hook “It’s been fun/But I’m freaking out” has a punchy resonance akin to the precise moment that comes right before resolving to get your shit together. It’s a simultaneously hopeful and weary moment magnificently captured in the music.

With these two tracks, Castle of Genre forges forward into experimental territory with confidence and rhythm in a way more bands should. The potential in this sound, and this incarnation of the band, is palpable. Don’t sleep on ’em!

No Trick/Chanel officially drops this Friday, 10/13. The record was recorded by Castle of Genre, mixed by Brandon Iqbal, and mastered by Dan Coutant at Sun Room Audio.

You can catch Castle of Genre tonight at The Camel alongside Colder Planets, The Head, and Born Leader, or on October 31st at Platform 310 1/2 with Secret Stuff, Save Face, and Young Scum.