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Dark Thoughts Rock Vinyl Conflict for Customer Appreciation Day

If you rolled out of bed hungover on Saturday and your first thought was brunch, you were simply wrong. What you should have done was ride the goddamn mechanical spider at Vinyl Conflict and Rest in Pieces Customer Appreciation Day!

Whether or not you decided to actually test your endurance on a mechanical bucking spider, though, there was plenty to do at the mini fest, including excellent sets from Prisoner, Left Cross and Philly trio Dark Thoughts.

Charm School slung ice cream while Go Go Vegan Go and The Dog Wagon had snacks to beat the heat, Studio 23 was out in full force at the screen printing truck and of course, there were some truly excellent offerings from the two stores’ sidewalk sale.

Our only regret? Not getting one of Black Rabbit’s flash tattoos. And, okay, maybe also riding the mechanical spider after one too many PBRs.

For more on the history of the event, check out our interview with Vinyl Conflict owner Bobby Egger.

Check out photos by Craig Zirpolo and Jake Mayday below:

Dust Up’s Tommy McPhail Rides the Spider
Photos by Craig Zirpolo

Left Cross
Photos by Craig Zirpolo


Dark Thoughts
Photos by Craig Zirpolo

Photos by Jake Mayday