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Dust Up Launch Celebration at Gallery5

Dust Up lives!

To celebrate the launch and invite others to learn more/join the group, we hosted an amazing show at Gallery5 with four of our favorites groups from Richmond.

Newcomers Private Cry began the evening at their first venue show and only third show total as a band. Haven’t seen them yet? Think the best combination of big harmonies, angular riffs and Arrested Development jokes.

One of their members, guitarist/vocalist Micah Barry, aptly described their sound as “a band you really like, but turned upside-down and stomped all over.”

Fresh off the release of their tape Harsh Surrender, the three-piece Bad Magic cut through a set of old favorites and debuted a few new songs.

Featuring frontwoman Julie Karr, Dust Up co-founder Tim Falen on bass and Jimmy Held on drums, the band’s ’90s-inspired riffs and emotive lyrics were in contrast with Karr’s usual humor and banter.

After joking on Falen for having his usually top-notch hair outdone by Berry and co., Karr quipped, “This is such a fun and sexy time for you,” at Private Cry.

Dave Watkins, experimental dulcitarist and pedal guru, took the show in a different direction with hypnotic loops and swirling melodies which rose to intense crescendos.

After raffles and introductions for the staff of Dust Up, McKinley Dixon and Friends came to the stage, rallying the crowd to their feet after Watkins’ meditative set.

Dixon’s first mixtape, Who Taught You to Hate Yourself, is slated to finally get a vinyl pressing soon, and hype for their second mixtape, The Importance of Self-Belief, is already brimming with the release of their first single, “The Story So Far…

Someone in the audience said it right – “If they don’t blow up, there’s something wrong with the world” (Thanks for the heads up on that, Celina!).

As stated earlier, the show was meant to both celebrate the launch of Dust Up and to invite others to join us as writers, photographers, videographers, podcasters, promoters, critics… really anything you can think of!

If you want to learn more, go to the Contact Us page or email info@dustupmag.com!


Check out photos of the show from Dust Up’s Jake Mayday (Courage Music Photography), Craig Zirpolo and Joey Wharton (portraits) below: