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Dust Up Magazine Manifesto

It’s no secret that Richmond is experiencing a musical renaissance.

Or is it?

Even the most attune music lovers face the, “How did I not hear about that!?” moment after missing a show.

Without a central location to promote and document the DIY scene, missed gigs happen. Memories fade. And worse yet, we risk losing sight of where we came from and where we are going.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

We are Dust Up, a group of writers, photographers and artists who came together in late 2016 with a shared vision of an online hub for all things music in Richmond, Va.

After months of caffeine and conversation among founders Craig Zirpolo, Jake Mayday, Sarah Schuster, Carl Athey, Tina Myatt, Tim Falen, Tommy McPhail and Joey Wharton, we are finally ready to reintroduce ourselves as a collective.

From weekly columns to video series, long reads to monthly show calendars, we aim to create a platform to uplift local music, not an umbrella for it to exist below.

Our goal is to include perspectives of all members of the music community, especially marginalized voices, and we are always seeking new ways to honor the social and cultural contributions members of the music scene make to the greater fabric of Richmond.

On April 27th we are hosting a show at Gallery5 to celebrate the beginning of this new project with Mckinley Dixon & Friends, Dave Watkins, Bad Magic & Private Cry.

But in reality, this is not a release or a launch party. This is an invitation.

Join us in celebrating the magnetism and ecstasy of live music. Support local art and artists. #gettothegig