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Fat Spirit Celebrates First Friday’s with Album Release

Words by Sarah Schuster
Photos by Craig Zirpolo

First Friday’s was in full swing as Fat Spirit began a stacked weekend of gigs with a free show at Gallery5 to celebrate the release of their new LP, Nihilist Blues.

Big No opened featuring collaborators Josh Small on guitar, Adam Juresko on bass and No BS! Brass Band’s Lance Kohler on drums in their somewhat new, semi-regular lineup.

The core duo of vocalist/guitarist Nathan Grice and pianist Heather Jerabeck led the group through a driving set of dark pop and rock jaunts, perfectly setting the mood for the rest of the night while shaking off any residual feelings of despair from the work week/existence as a whole.

A crash. Between sets, a driver side-swiped another car while parking in front of the venue, to the sarcastic applause of concert goers. As they tried to drive away, the door guy flew down the road to catch the plates and notify the cops.

But the hit-and-run and other issues at the door (read: more folks than usual flashing fake IDs, who were promptly turned away) did little to stymie the enthusiasm for the band’s album release show.

Slump, fresh off a great house show earlier in the week with Dreamcrusher and Show Me the Body, laid down a powerful set of psychedelic sludge/punk. The band seemed to pull equally from ’90s doom and shoegaze, straining heavy riffs through psychedelic cool with the deeply reverbed shouts of frontman Hector Miranda.

If there was a balance to strike between the hardcore version of Church of Misery and a noisier Slowdive, Slump may well have hit gold.

Fat Spirit‘s second full length centered much of their performance, an appropriate coda for the night. 90s psych and new wave figured heavily throughout as the group ripped through tracks from the album including standout performances of “Easter” and “Dagger.”

To learn more about the record, check out Micah Barry’s review and purchase a copy from Citrus City Records.

Fat Spirit’s next show is May 26th at My Noodle & Bar with Black Naked Wings, Coq and the debut of Gumming.

Check out the photos below:

Big No


Fat Spirit