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Galactic Brings Funk Downtown to Friday Cheers

Friday Cheers fans kicked off the weekend on Browns Island as local jazz fusion group Future Prospect opened for legendary New Orleans funk band Galactic.

Both bands reveled in the worlds of jazz, funk and soul as they invited the audience to let loose and dance the night away. The performers shared a seeming southern hospitality as good vibes engulfed the packed crowd starting early in the evening.

While it was great to see Stanton Moore and co. back in action in Richmond, it was especially awesome to see up-and-comers (and no slouches themselves) Future Prospect on the big stage. By the looks of it that certainly won’t be the last time you’ll see them on a high profile bill like that.

We’re definitely excited to see what Future Prospect has in store for their upcoming gigs, and I certainly hope Galactic aren’t strangers and come back to visit soon!

Check out photos from the show by Ashley Travis below:

Future Prospect