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J Roddy Walston and the Business Celebrate 804 Day

On 804 Day The Broadberry reasserted its place as a pillar of the local music scene with an impressive, sold-out three-band local bill featuring J Roddy Walston and the Business, Rikki Shay and Camp Howard.

It’s particularly exciting to see this caliber of response for folks who regularly attend fantastic but smaller all-local bills. It seems a lot more people are catching on to the fact that Richmond’s music scene can stand toe-to-toe with many larger cities.

The evening started out with a huge line of people waiting for doors to open, an infrequent occurrence even for larger touring bands. This was the first of a few instances of me having to remind myself I was attending a local show. After getting inside and looking around, I noticed many unfamiliar faces and started wondering who had seen these groups before and who was in for a surprise.

Camp Howard opened the night performing a set heavy on tracks from their recent EP, Juice. They were the youngest band on the lineup, but they showed that age has nothing to do with songwriting skills as they ripped weaving guitar lines and subtle-but-gorgeous harmonies.

Next were the funky, retro leaning jams of Rikki Shay. Fresh off their debut The Mixed Tapes, the group blasted through a rollicking set of new jams and old favorites. During their performance I started having flashbacks of seeing them at Crowefest a few weeks ago and thinking about how their relaxed rock and roll jams have always reminded me of being outside on a hot day with friends and a cold beverage. Their tunes definitely evoke those great warm summer afternoon vibes.

Speaking of summer music, headliners J Roddy Walston and The Business give me a different kind of summer feel. Hearing their songs reminds me of growing up and playing in the mud outdoors at a family friends house in the country with some loud guitar jamming coming from the barn. J Roddy takes the feelings I remember from listening to a lot of blues influenced music growing up in the south and mixes them with modern, more exploratory and bombastic elements.

My dad and I have been going to see J Rod since Hail Mega Boys, and its been so awesome to see his progression as a songwriter to his new material from the upcoming album Destroyers of the Soft Life, some of which he debuted at The Broadberry. Mixed in with the hard hitting old favorites, the new songs are definitely some of the strongest and most emotionally affecting they’ve penned to date.

The band kept the RVA love rolling with a nationwide tour announcement featuring Sleepwalkers starting in early September. While the tour doesn’t include a local date, keep an ear out for their next stop in Richmond because its not a show to miss.

Check out photos by Joey Wharton below:

Camp Howard

Rikki Shay

J Roddy Walston and the Business