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Locals Only #35 Rocks Strange Matter

Strange Matter’s Locals Only series celebrated their 35th show on Sunday featuring Large Margin, Twin Drugs, The Smirks and Veery.

TLDR: All of the bands ripped, but Chris Compton of Large Margin and Veery totally stole the show. Its so nice to see him on stage again, especially after an awesome performance fronting the Oasis cover band at 90s Prom a few weeks ago.

Also, shout out to Nathan Tersteeg for crushing the flyer. Apparently you can judge a book by its cover if its a rad gig with an equally rad flyer.

Playing out for the first time, Large Margin opened the evening loud and fast. With ex and current members of Naked Pictures, Doll Baby and Brief Lives, as well as especially evident pieces of old RVA favorites Flechette, topped by the ever-animated Compton on lead vocals/guitar, the group’s Dischord Records sound and energetic stage show immediately set the tone for the evening. They even busted out a killer cover of “Shut the Door” from Fugazi to make sure folks knew what was up.

Next Twin Drugs returned to the series to lay down heavy, shoegaze grooves from their great debut EP UZI.P released in June of last year. We’re definitely excited to hear what they have going on for their next release, hopefully soon!

The Smirks returned to L.O. with ample hooks, riffs and attitude, sporting a new set of matching red jean jackets with their logo emblazoned on the back that really sealed the deal on their already kickass stage presence. If you like your punk with large helpings of lo-fi garage shredding and sneering angst, the trio is sure to be your new favorite in Richmond. In her weekly show preview, Drew Necci said it best: “If you’re not into this band, you have no soul, so have fun with that or whatever.”

Also, sidenote — congrats on getting engaged, Drew!!

As their time together become increasingly rare, Veery sets have become special events in and of themselves. Singer/guitarist Harris Mendell (Sundials/Atta Girl) moved to Boston last summer, while bassist/singer Chris Carreon (Sundials/Large Margin/Atta Girl) plans to move to Philadelphia later this year, so it sadly seems that their gigs will become even more infrequent (their last visit to Strange Matter came in July of last year). But that just means that you should really cherish any opportunity you get to see them rip, and folks at Strange Matter on Sunday certainly knew they were in for a treat.

Last year the group released one of the best local EPs in recent memory, and you could feel the connection as the audience crowded the stage and really started moving for the first time that evening. There’s something that will never get old about a local show where everyone knows the words and is unapologetically stoked to be there.

Sunday was also the local debut of their new quartet lineup with the addition of Chris Compton on guitar, which definitely kept the energy level at 11. Hopefully we won’t have to wait quite so long for their next performance, but either way we know it’ll definitely be worth it.

Check out the photos below:

Large Margin

Twin Drugs

The Smirks