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RVA Celebrates The Last Waltz

Friday, November 17th, The Camel hosted one of the most epic local shows of the year: twenty one all-star Richmond musicians paying tribute to The Band’s 1976 farewell show, “The Last Waltz.”

Martin Scorsese made the original film, arguably one of the greatest concert documentaries of all time. The Richmond version, organized by Marley Wilson, raised almost $1700 for Feed More, a local charity that provides meals to the hungry.

The much anticipated show began with the iconic theme song from the film as John Bradberry (guitar), Scott Lane (bass), Chris Speasmaker (keys) and Andrew Sisk (drums) eased the crowd into the raucous, foot-stomping night. As the first song faded out, Sid Kingsley, the final member of The Band, sat down at the second set of keys and rocked the house with “Ophelia.” Between Kingsley and the rest of the group you would have sworn you were experiencing the electricity of The Last Waltz for the first time.

“It was a dream,” said organizer Marley Wilson. “Richmond has more talent than any other town I’ve ever seen, but I had no idea how big it was going to be. I couldn’t believe the crowd!”

The concert ended in typical Last Waltz fashion – a finale with all participating musicians on stage, arm in arm, huddled around the mics belting “I Shall be Released.” This moment was truly heartwarming and the success of the night is a definite sign that this won’t be the last waltz for Richmond.

Check out photos by Gabrielle Silvers below: