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Saw Black Releases Split with Dogwood Tales

Saw Black and Dogwood Tales — KOA Split

As they prepare to leave for a weeklong tour of the north east, RVA’s Saw Black and Harrisonburg’s Dogwood Tales released a stripped down EP tracked in a KOA Cabin in Peru, Illinois earlier this year.

The unedited recording of the trio adds a warm familiarity to their songs that transports the listener into the cabin to share in the fun.

“We had just somehow opened up for a punk show in Chicago and were on our way to play house shows in Iowa,” the trio explained. “We met some interesting people, drank a little too much and recorded a few songs together.”

The EP gives listeners another chance to appreciate the lush melodies and confessional lyrics of tracks like “Rosie’s Coming Home” and “Kiss” from Black’s recent LP, Azalea Days, as well as the opportunity to enjoy two previously unreleased songs from Dogwood Tales, “Spiritual Cowboy” and “Living in a Shadow.”

If you’re in town tonight, you can catch Saw Black opening for Daniel Romano with new RVA supergroup Villages. All proceeds from the Bandcamp sales will be going directly into their gas tank for this tour, so show them some love online if you can’t catch them in person.

The trio also recorded a Daytrotter Session that will be released in July, so keep an eye out for that as you spin the new split.

Check out photos from their Midwest tour and recording session by Saw Black below: