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The Big Gig Rocks Sound of Music

Assembled by the dynamic duo of Kenneth Close and Tracy Wilson from Positive No, the BIG GIG hit Sound of Music on Wednesday featuring New York’s Big Bliss and Big Quiet with local support from Big Baby and Serqet.

Pairing The Wimps and The Womps for a show earlier this year left pretty big shoes to fill in local gig flyer pun lore, but luckily this gig was big. Big. Just gonna say it one more time, BIG GIG.

Serqet ripped a sick cover of “A Forest” by The Cure, Big Quiet played a slew of new songs from their forthcoming LP and a bunch of folks came out to dance. It was a really lovely night in Scott’s Addition, and I can’t wait for Big Gig 2: The Biggening when our New York pals return to town.

Check out photos by Craig Zirpolo below:


Big Bliss

Big Quiet

Big Baby